Botox & Neuromodulators

First and only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet, and forehead lines look better in adults.

Benefits of Neuromodulators (such as Botox)

Botox & Neuromodulators help with

BOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines

How does Botox work?

Botox is injected into specific muscles. It blocks the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which controls muscle contractions. This temporarily relaxes the muscles, smoothing out wrinkles and lines on the skin's surface.

The effect is localized and wears off over time as nerve-muscle communication returns to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is primarily used for moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This causes the muscles to reduce the ability to contract temporarily. Botox is a clear fluid injected into the facial muscles by a very small needle. Pain from the procedure is minimal and does not require any numbing.
No, To avoid the product from migrating or moving to other muscles we ask our patient to avoid laying down, heat exposure, or vigorous exercise for 4 hours after the procedure.
No, the optimal result is to have relaxation with reduction of appearance of lines and wrinkles not make the face unable to move. Your practitioner will customize your procedure based on your goals for reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
You will being to see results in 24-48 hours but we ask our patients to wait until 10-14 days before what we call “adjustments” if you need more product in certain areas to optimize your results to align with your goals. 30 days you will see the full results.
Side effects are rare but include and are not limited to Eyelid drooping, swelling of the treatment area, brow drooping, dry mouth, discomfort at the treatment site, fatigue, headaches, neck discomfort, eye related issues like double or blurred vision, reduced eyesight, dry eyes, as well as rare allergic reactions.
Most patients repeat the procedure multiple times per year but no sooner than 3 months
Anyone with muscular or nerve conditions, allergy to any of the BOTOX® components, those who have active skin infections or lesions, those who have had previous facial surgeries, ptosis, and pregnant or currently breastfeeding.

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